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Guide Dogs being refused entrance

Tasha95 Member Posts: 7 Listener
Hi all. 
I was wondering if someone could advise me. I am physically disabled and have a guide dog. I have been having massive problems with my dentist. They keep refusing my guide entry to the dentists room and even said seethe can't be in the waiting room either. My guide dog lies down quietly in the corner well enough away from the dentists chair. She doesn't even get up until I am finished and get off the chair. The first time it happened the receptionist said I chunks leave her at home. I said she's a guide dog and meant to come with me. My guide dog is my first one so I rang guide dogs for some advice. After they rang my dentist the receptionist claimed my guide dog jumped on the tables in the waiting room. They rang me and told me what they'd said. Guide Dogs didn't believe them. I said it's rubbish, she's never even done it at home or anywhere we've been. The latest excuse came from my dentist. He told the receptionist to pass on a message to me. He couldn't even say it to my face. The receptionist who was fairly new didn't like doing it. He said that the dental nurse can't help him and keep an eye on my guide dog at the same time. I know for a fact she doesn't watch my guide dog and regularly leaves the room. My guide dog doesn't even make a move when she leaves and comes back. Should I ring guide dogs again? I know my dentist will probably come up with some other excuse that my guide dog supposedly does. What I am bothered about is the fact I am in between treatment. My dentist knows this obviously. I would be very grateful for any advice anyone can give me.