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DWP people - how do I get money back?

Sheridan61 Member Posts: 3 Listener
How can I get my money back from them I was told me a long time ago I was not fit for work but the lady I saw at the place and she lied about me on her computer and things like this and that and I did not do what she say I did.


  • Sam_Alumni
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    Hi @Sheridan61
    We might need a bit more information to be able to help.

    What benefits were you applying for? When you were told you weren't fit for work, was this by a doctor or the DWP?

    Have you been for an assessment and been turned down?

    If you can let us know a little more, Im sure someone can offer some support and help.
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  • Roma_Fletcher
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    @Sheridan61 I understand. My assessor lied on my assessment too. It made me feel really bad about myself. My daughter had attended with me and she was appalled by the lies that were on my report. It seems to happen a lot. What have you done since you've received your report?
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    @Sheridan61 As Mike says it depends how long ago this happened. it sounds as if you might have a copy of the report, which is helpful. If you can show that the facts and correct evidence were available to the DWP (to show that you were entitled to benefit - for example, the facts might have been on a questionnaire you completed) then it may still be possible to get the decision changed. 

    You could also complain about the assessment and the report. There is no time limit on complaints, but you should try to explain why you didn't complain before. Will
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