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Hi there! I wanna speak about HF Depression

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I'm an emotionally unstable personality type; taking criticism is something I struggle against,but something I really Wanna Open up to people about, so others can bring to light mental disorders and the coping mechanisms we have built against feelings of depression etcetera. 


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    Hello @Shortiee1   Pleased to meet you welcome.  Thank you for sharing you story. Hope we can be supportive.  We are a community who care and share.

    Please have you seen our advice and information on Mental Health. Lots of the community willing to share their own stories. Lots to comment. Lots of new friends.

    If need or would like some one to listen Am happy to say plenty of people willing to listen.  I am one as I suffer mental health issues.

    I hope we all of the community treat you with kindness and sensitivity. How it is and should be.

    Ask the community anything please ask. Some one will know and be grateful to give you there views and opinions.

    May I add if you find some one is being critical of you and I do understand that. Please can I suggest have a look at SCOPE house rules and guidelines. There are at the bottom of every page where the posts and threads are.  Right bottom black bit underneath all the posts.

    No one like criticism so we all have different views and opinions but even so please if you feel unjust. Press icon on the post concerned flag one. Send a report to the moderators who will say whether or not be removed.

    We need want you as a new member to feel comfortable on the forum so need to explain that to you. Hope that helps.

    Great to meet you please take care

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