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Can i claim PIP for my child.

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My 17 year old suffers from bad anxiety. To the point she won't leave the house.  She has no friends because of how bad her anxiety is.  Is she entitled to PIP or anything else?


  • poppy123456
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    PIP isn't awarded based on a diagnosis, it's all about how your conditions affect you daily. There's a PIP self test online that you can complete, this will give you some idea what could possibly be scored. It's just a guide and relevant evidence would be needed to support a claim, as they very rarely contact anyone for this.

    To start a claim your son/daughter will need to ring the PIP helpline, after answering a few questions they will send them the form to fill in and return.

    Expect a face to face assessment as most people have them.

  • Destiny
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    Thank you for the links. We shall give it a go.  We didn't want to waste Pip's time.  But we will try the score thing out. Much appreciated poppy.
  • Destiny
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    According to the points link. My daughter should get 8 points in care. But that's just how we see it. We know it isn't always the case at the assessment. I too have just been awarded PIP. But not sure I could go through it all again with daughter. The links were still a good help poppy.


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