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How do you win a PIP appeal?

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Hi my name is Rachael.
I care for my disabled daughter. We recently went through the reassessment process with PIP. (On there recommendation). They performed a  home visit and then we waited patiently for the outcome. Unfortunately they have now lowered her mobility benefit to the standard rate. I'm absolutely distraught as is my daughter. Living in a very rural area this Car is her lifeline to both attending hospital appointments at various hospitals out of our county and helping her to transport her to college. 
I have contacted PIP regarding their decision and asked for a mandatory reconsideration. tHe report they wrote was totally contradictory to the questions they asked. My daughter feels cheated and let down by a system that I thought was here to support her. I sold my vehicle as it was not fit for purpose and feel like I'm now going to be left with nothing.
On a happier note, I spoke to an absolutely wonderful lady yesterday at SCOPE. She has organised a day to call me back and help guide me through the process. After such an emotional start to the day, it was the only beacon of light. 
Thank you Jill for your reassurance and support and I look forward to talking you soon. 


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    Hello @Roo381   Pleased to meet you welcome.

    Thank you for sharing. Sorry what has happened. I am sure many of our community will be supportive and understanding.

    Can identify what you are going through. I lost my car as well.   Although may I add the scheme providers Motability will be touch with you. They issue a booklet outlying what to do next. Have a covering letter explaining everything.  In the booklet has details of ideas and solutions.

    Could and do offer a financial incentive. All depends how long you have been on the scheme.  Something to consider.  Although the financial incentive is not enough. I know this and so do others in our community.

    Good to hear you have started the ongoing process of Appeal and wish you every success. The system is unfair, brutal, heart-breaking and has effected many members of our community.

    If you have a look around the forum. I am afraid you will read stories similar to yours. Understand and hope they can offer a lot of support and unity.  As well words of comfort and hope they can also offer some practical solutions.

    Happy to see a member of our team has helped you. I can all but add we are here to be supportive. Help and advise. 

    Please can I suggest several community members have sent correspondence to their local MP. MP's are being aware of what has been going on.

    Might be an idea.

    All I can say. We are a friendly community. Ask the community anything.  Some one will know. One final point speak to CAB . Lots of information, advice, form filling in.

    Have a look at our own benefit advice as well.

    Hope that helps.

    Best wishes for a successful outcome.

    Please take care. 

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  • Chloe_Scope
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    Hi @Roo381 and a very warm welcome to the community! I am really sorry to hear about your experience! I hope you do win your MR. If you need information regarding this then you can find it on the Scope website. It may also be worth contacting CAB as they too can help with the appeal process. The whole community is behind you and please do keep us updated :) 

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    Hi @Roo381,

    Welcome to the community! It's great to hear that our helpline has been able to offer you some help and support with this, and that a member of the team will be in touch with you soon to advise you. :)

    Do keep us posted!


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