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Disability component

my Wife and I are having a nightmare trying to get new style ESA for our son, he gets UC but can’t work. We were sent a letter by disability assessment but cancelled it because we requested a home visit for our son who has Aspergers. They said they wouldn’t give us a home visit till his doctor returned a lettter with reasons why he needed a home visit. We told DA that our doctor would return the letter so don’t give us another appt till they receive it. They sent 2 more appts even though I was away for 1 and asked them not to. We got the info from doc and drove to head office in Liverpool ourselves they took copies and said all was in order 10 days before the last appt was supposed to happen. We heard nothing for a month so I called DA and they said they never received docs letter in time, we pointed out we had proof they had but they said claim was shut and we have to start again so arrogant. The prob is UC and DA were told us they don’t discuss claims with each other because of data protection.... please. We are going round in circles whatever they both tell us to do we do. One agency says contact the other when we do they say contact the other agency. I called the DA 14 times to resolve this mess and each operator gave contradictory info when I mentioned this they would say their colleague was wrong. In the end they weren’t even recording my calls and denied I’d called. Can anybody help please. Even when they lie there is no individual you can talk to prove it. We why the lie I don’t know you think it was their own money. Do they not have a conscience. They simply make it impossible to sort the problem but they don’t care. Once again they attack the vulnerable. Can anybody give us some advice please


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    New Style Contributions based ESA is only for those who have paid enough National insurance contributions in the previous 2 tax years. If your son hasn't worked then he won't be able to claim this.

    If his area is a full UC area then it's UC he has to claim. Has your son been in contact with DWP because the health assessment providers can't close down a claim. As he been found fit for work for failing to attend an assessment? Is he still be paid any UC?
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 27 Connected
    Thank you for your reply. I’ve been going around in circles Jobcentre, UC And Disabilty assessment all have been hopeless they dont know how UC works especially the disability side they all pass the buck also The DA centre booked 3 appts for my son but wanted Home visit had to wait for Doc notes to back up my call for the home visit eventually got them in time 10 days before our last appt. went to head office with docs notes and they copied it but they still stopped claim cos we didn’t show up I told them I got docs notes they said they hadn’t I had proof but didn’t want to know since then spoke to UC Jobcentre and DA numerous times all pathethic. Just spoke to scope they said call MP so we did in half an hour everything sorted. 5 months we got nowhere but lied to and ignored cannot believe it. Getting a call tomorrow to arrange home visit 
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