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Can I Get ESA

I used to get ESA but it was stopped over a year ago after I had a medical even though I am registered disabled have a mobility car and unable to walk unaided.  I could only drive short distances and found public transport very difficult to use.  I  am in pain daily and take prescribed pain relief each day.  My question is in February this year I had a brain aneurysm and a bleed on the brain.  I have had to surrender my driving licence although I am one of the lucky ones because I survived and will I hope make a good recovery at present I am unable to walk unless I use a walker I have brought a mobility scooter to use outside I get tired and am now under the hospital in London.  I would find it very hard to attend a medical at the present time as I am not allowed to drive and a taxi cost me £90.00 the last time I went for a medical money which I no longer have. 


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    Hi @JennG, and a warm welcome to the community!

    Thanks for sharing this with us. In terms of whether you may be eligible, an online benefits calculator may be a good place to start. If you do decide to make an application, it may be that you can request a home assessment if you struggle to leave the house. Best of luck, and do keep us updated!
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    As you have been found fit for work previously then applying again for ESA will only be possible for a completely different condition or a worsening of an existing condition. Otherwise you can't reapply.

    If either of the above apply to you then it will also depend on circumstances. Do you live with a partner that works? Household income affects any means tested benefits you can claim.

    You will also need to see what's in your area, if it a full universal credit area then you won't be able to claim ESA Income related, it will be universal credit you'll have to claim. Check your area by using this link.


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