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Hi, my name is elainek!

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i got  diagnosed with ms over 20 years ago i used too get dla high for mobility and middle for care since it gone to pip  i applied over 17 month ago the man said i could get more or less money looked on my pip form they didnt allow me for mobility only care i rang up the other day about it and they said id have to make a new claim as it was 17 month since i applied i did,nt know you could not appeal against the result so there for ive mist out on mobility all that time my fault i know when i went for interview i had a mobility walker with me as i cant walk without i  was sat down all the time nothing was really asked about my mobilty most was on how i mange in home  can u help


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    Hello @elainek Pleased to meet you welcome.

    Thank you for joining and sharing.  You come to the right place for support, advice, information.

    Sorry what has happened.  May I suggest Citizens Advice have a question by question guide filling in a PIP claim form.  On their website which you might find useful.

    You could also contact your local Bureau.

    Please can I explain the benefit is awarded on your ability to do key every day activities. Not on your health or diagnosis.

    With each claim you should have got a booklet that explains what you need to do.

    I would contact CAB they have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Help with forms.  As I have stated.

    You can also find out more about information about benefits. on our website.  Which is useful and hope explains everything you need to do regarding appeals.

    Also look at our information about appealing a DWP benefits decision

    We are a supportive, friendly community. Care and share.

    Please ask if we can advise we can help.

    Pleasure to meet you

    Take care

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    Scope community team

    Hi  @elainek

    Welcome to Scope's community! It's great to have you here.  Just to get you started we have a How To Guide here, you can see all the latest posts here, jump in and get involved and don't worry we are a friendly bunch!  
    If you need anything, just let us know.
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