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Hi  I lost my job in September due to provider failure(i work in a home) (care) i am on  pip, not a problem. I have been forced to get a job again. I have been told by dwp that i can not get disability component of universal credit as that does not happen anymore  So whete does work   PAY.. I use to get this on working tax credit. And have not had a payment from universal credit yet have been told dec th7 . That will be 8 weeks with no money only pip. I was offered a food bank. After working 47 years and nener without a job  this is justice  I think not. When i asked to go on supported universal credit i was told it told it takes time and i would have to go to see a doctor and be assessed have been assessed for pip. Where do i go from here. 


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    Are you fit for work or not? If you're not and you've paid enough National Insurance contributions in the previous 2 tax years then you can claim New Style Contributions based ESA but you'll need a fit note from your GP to be able to claim this. Evidence will be needed to support your claim and a face to face assessment is most likely as most have them.

    If you are fit for work and looking for work then it's New style contributions based JSA that you need to claim.

    The disability element of UC is the LCWRA part and to claim this yes you'll need fit notes from your GP. Evidence is needed and a face to face assessment is also most likely, just like ESA.

    Claiming PIP doesn't automatically entitle you to either ESA or UC.

    Do you rent your home or is it a mortgage?
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    Hi @Janr4466 sorry to hear what has happened, I am unsure how to advise however members of our community will be more than happy to get in contact with you soon to offer advice and support :)
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    I have had to get a job because i could not live on £73 per week. So i had to find one quick. And i have a mortgage and u c would not help until i had neen out of work 9 months. In that time would have lost my home. And then you get a loan off uc. My gp stated that she did not know how i went to work. And i get high rate mobility so that says something but know not enough it seems. 
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    Unfortunately claiming PIP doesn't automatically entitle you to either ESA or LCWRA under UC. You still have to go through the same process as everyone else. ESA assessment rate is £73.10 per week for everyone aged 25 and over, if you were placed into the Support Group for ESA then your money will increase to £110.75 per week, so it's certainly not a fortune by any means.

    Having a mortgage the waiting time for the loan is 9 months and you have to be claiming a means tested benefit to be able to qualify for this. It's a standard waiting time for everyone.

    Do you live alone or with a partner that works?
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    Alone. I just find so very hard. And have been told it could take months to get sorted for support on uc. What is it coming to when you loss your job. And the only thing i can get is food bank vouchers .. So it seems to me that if they are offering food bank vouchers then they know the moneys to low. What is this country coming too
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    And what is lcwra
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    Limited capability for work and work-related activity (LCWRA)
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    Janr4466 said:
    And what is lcwra
    Limited Capacity for Work and work Related Activity
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    The LCWRA is related to ESA, so to get it you have to be deemed not fit to work, so you will need to upload sick notes and then complete a UC50 form when they send it out. Regarding the mortgage payments see the link as it is now a loan which needs to be repaid if you sell your house under universal credit  https://www.turn2us.org.uk/Benefit-guides/Universal-Credit-housing-costs-tenants/How-much-will-I-get-I-m-a-homeowner

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    Thank you everyone 


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