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Get involved in our Big Twitter Takeover!

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Do you tweet? Are you active on twitter?

We’ve got a big Twitter takeover coming up on Monday 3rd December where we will be filling the Scope Twitter page with tweets from our followers! 

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We are inviting our followers to DM (Direct Message) us with their experiences answering the following questions, as well as any quotes or photos they might want to share:

  • How do you give your child the best start in life?
  • What did your parents do for you?
Would you like to get involved? Head over to the Scope twitter page!

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  • NoraR
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    Reading together was something my parents did with me and I now do with my kids, even 10 minutes is amazing to help them get the best start in life!

    Also I'm a firm believer in answering the questions they ask, even the hard ones and being honest about the world. Kids know understand more than we give them credit for and are super resilient. I try to answer their questions, look up information with them if I don't actually know the answer and not dismiss their questions as 'something for adults' or 'not for you to know, you're a child'. Essentially being honest!   
  • Pippa_Alumni
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