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Oestoarthritis in knees

I now bought an electric scooter as from summer last year so I can get out. I am 47 and not worried what people think as it's me who benefits from feeling isolated at home. I guess I'm also lucky I can drive..but no more hour each way..anymore my ankles and legs swell up 


  • DavidJ
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    hi @glittery
    I know that feeling all too well .
    Arthritis started in me at the age of 50 after a bad accident.I am now 70 and this in every major joint . I have an EPV (wheelchair) to get around in plus a Motability vehicle .I am now 70 and without worrying what other people think .! 
    I have to lie down on return home in order to feel rested otherwise I would be stuck at home 24/7 . 
    No thanks .You keep on going and do what you need to do !
  • glittery
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    DavidJ thank you and good on you also for getting out. I have to get home a recline my legs ..all about the test and how to keep the pain a bit lower if not over doing things 
  • ncps
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    I also have this problem as I use a wheelchair / rotator and stick depending on the day I am having, I look young for my age (39) and hated using any of them, until my partner said, I don't understand you, if it gives you more independence or allows you to walk a bit and sit a bit what's the problem? from that day I felt much better knowing I was taking back a little bit of my life from chronic pain.


    Northants chronic pain support


  • Angiebabes2410
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    I had always been big but I was always active until I was 30 years old and had an accident it was so silly I was decorating and I jumped off the chair to get more paint and my friend had left her mug on the floor and I landed with my right foot straight on the mug it didn't break but it sent a shock up my leg and slipped two discs in the bottom of my back L5 and S1 I struggled for a long time and eventually needed my wheelchair I was very worried what people thought but eventually I became very isolated because I wouldn't go out I didn't want people seeing me like that but then I decided nobody else cares what I look like or how I get around so I got a mobility scooter and at least now I can go around and smile at people say hello help people where I can I have just got to 50 years old and I know I wouldn't go anywhere without my mobility scooter