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Stroke: Tips on stretching fingers

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I suffered a stroke 24th December 2009, ever since my left hand has been deformed. Maybe somebody could give me some tips for stretching my fingers. Much appreciated.



  • steve51
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    Hi @Nannyvon

    Good Evening it’s great to meet you today 👍👍👍

    Yes I have also had a “Stroke”

    Have you had any form of “Rehab” since????

    I had worked in a “Rehab Unit” myself after the “Stroke”

    We had many “Stroke Patients” attend for a number of similar problems.

    They had braces fitted to straighten their hands/fingers.

    Here’s an idea for you below.
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    Welcome @nannyvon

    do you have a hand therapist or physio on board? These can be referred to by your Gp. They are well trained in rehabilitation exercise and may be beneficial to you. They can as suggested by steve51, offer braces and supports to help too.

    Happy to advise if possible. 

    King regards 

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    Hi @nannyvon

    Thanks for posting. Sorry it has taken Ia while for me to respond, I've been away from the office.

    If you google " hand exercises after stroke" you will come up with lots of resources, such as:

    Of course the suggestions on these website are going to be very general and ideally what you need is individual advice based on your own assessed needs.

    Your GP can, if they think it clinically appropriate, refer you to your nearest NHS hand clinic. At the clinic you should be able to access the skills of a specialist Occupational Therapist who has post-registration training in working specifically on impairments of hand functions. However, as your stroke occurred 10 years ago you may find that you are not considered a clinical priory for referral and if you do get to the clinic that the range of rehabilitation options may be more limited.   

    The Stroke Association may also be able to advise you if there are any other local stroke services available in your area: call 0303 3033 100 or

    Best Wishes


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