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Fit note

Ralph Member Posts: 40 Connected
edited January 2019 in Universal Credit (UC)
Hi my wife has just claimed UC. As she’s disabled she has to produce a fit note. When filling in the claim form I indicated she looks after me, as she does, I have epilepsy but lost my my care component on the move from DLA to pip, kept high mobility. The journal says I have to produce a fit note too. As I get carers allowance for her as she gets care component of pip I should not be required to work anyway. 
Should I change the section on health so I don’t need a fit note, 4 weeks for a doctors appointment, or leave as is and eventually get a fit note.
I don’t want to mess things up. 
We have appointments this week with dwp to provide evidence of tenancy etc. Should I ask them?


  • clarkjohnson
    clarkjohnson Member Posts: 210 Pioneering
    Hello there I'm on uc following cancer but was told I could look for work of 10 hours I'm 63 and basically nakerd . Uc seems to be very hard to understand I'm not very good with form s etc but there are people on here more educated who will help I'm sure they will be in touch 
  • Ralph
    Ralph Member Posts: 40 Connected
    Thanks for the reply. I think I’ll ask them during my appointment which is the best route. 


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