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PIP - what level should I expect to receive?

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Hi All, 

ive had my PIP assessment today and I wondered if there was anyway of knowing if what they decide is fair? I’ve never had to apply for benefits before so it’d all really new to me. I know it’s a question of how longs a piece of string but I will have no idea if what (if anything) I’m offered is fair or if I should appeal?

To put things into context I’m a 29 year old and I’ve been diagnosed with Behçet’s disease - a rare autoimmune disorder which affect the blood vessels in my body. It’d cause me to loose some vision in both eyes and also affects my joints in my knees. I can’t walk further that 10 meters without stopping and for long distances have to use a wheelchair. I also use a walker or stick when I need to. I also fall Constantly (everyday almost) and have had serious falls breaking bones etc... due to my knees giving way from under me. This has lead to panic attacks and me becoming very afraid to going out alone, in fact I don’t go out.

i can’t do anything by myself. Cooking, cleaning, washing I am totally reliant on my partner or mum and dad.

like I said I’m completely new to this all so I have no idea what qualifies and standard rate or higher rate from each section - can anyone help?

if not thanks for taking the time to read 


(also I’m in the market for a nee wheelchair any recommendations :) 



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