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I have just received today a letter with an appointment at the assessment centre at 9.15 am Sat 19/01/19. I sent them medical evidence stating I need a home visit with a Doctors letter and medical evidence of a rape in 2008 agrophobia ptsd and many other things.
I called them up and the Receptionist was quite rude. She said they had received my ESA50 form but not reviewed it and to call back to cancel the apt the Wed before the apt and see if someone had reviewed form. The problem is I get so nervous scared and unable to meet new people and am in between  a referral from my mental health nurse for support service Look Ahead. I need someone with me my 2 friends are only able to come and care for me evenings. Any help in support services I can get requires me to visit them before referral is complete. I am so stressed SLAM are not much help at all and i'm at my wits end. Any advice Im desperate and my mental health with anxiety and stress is also affecting my physical. I am Housebound just so upset. All my apts are home visits.


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    Hi charlie79,

    Unfortunately you will have to wait for them to review your evidence to see whether you are allowed a home visit for your appointment. If you don't hear from them before your appointment you need to cancel it but you can only cancel one. This will give them more time to review your evidence and hopefully give you a home appointment. You can also complain - I've done this a number of times and they've always changed it to a home appointment. Complain here if you need to:

    All the best,

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    In sent in esa 50 form with 2 letters from dr stating house bound suffer from PTSD, AGROPHOBIA , ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, PANIC ATTACKS DUE TO RAPE 2008 AND CHILD ABUSE. THE LETTER ALSO HAS HOUSEBOUND AND REQUESTING A HOME VISIT AND FEMALE F2F ASSESSMENT. They have a lot of evidence
  • charlie79
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    also i have to arrange when someone can be present what should i do
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    There's nothing more you can do until you hear what's happening next.


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