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  • kujaku666
    kujaku666 Member Posts: 12 Listener
    edited February 2019
    hi everyone 
    hope you all are as well as can be 

    just an update on my sons  pip claim and the subsequent  denial at  mandatory  and then the long wait to tribunal 

    WE  have finally had the tribunal  and we won it and all money is being back dated 
    we was only in the  court for a short time and before we had even sat down they said to my son dont worry you havent got to speak if you dont want to  as you have clearly won your  tribunal !
    it was a long hard wait and 17 months of unnecessary  upset and hardship caused by the original denial .
    my son originally got 2 points at the  first  meeting and then the mandatory  appeal they still  only gave him 2 points. 
    so after 17 months which is a real liberty taking this amount of time to hear his tribunal claim  we won the  tribunal and they gave my son 28 points  in the end 
    they have also stated that as the  tribunal took so long to  happen they have advised the benefits office that  we shjouldnt have to claim again for at least 5 years  instead of the  mandatory 3 years 
    as they said wed have to start the claim again  in such a short period of time and its not fair for us to be put in this position again and so soon after winning 
    when we have to make a claim again
    will we have to jump through hoops again! or will they take into account we won the tribunal and that  if  circumstances havent changed will he automatically receive pip in the future
    or will we have to go to mandatory and then tribunal again 
    HOW  can they get it so wrong  at so many points of the claim  and then give him 28 points at tribunal ,also why it took 17 months when the people before me at the tribunal had only waited 7 months ? no one could give me any reasoning  as to why this  happened and why they got it so wrong 

    i could now get  back dated carers allowance as i was advised at the tribunal.
    WILL it effect my sons claim or my own  claims, or  benefits ?
    as im not well myself  ( classed as palliative care  ) and currently on benefit, i am worried  it may cause more issues than i can handle at the moment !
    if i did claim carers  will it cause issues  like  over payment  for the last 17 months on council tax and housing benefit , or  my own benefits 
    this has been a hard struggle  to win this battle  but its not something i was going to let them get away with 
    so if you are going through this  yourselves then please dont let them bully you out of it 
    make sure you continue with the claim, 

    would like to thank all that have helped  us 

    thanks again 
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 25,623 Disability Gamechanger
    Great news.

    Claiming carers allowance will depend on what benefits you claim. You also need to be careful because if the reasons your claiming carers allowance contradict the reasons why you're claiming the benefits yourself then it could go against you the next time you're re-assessed.
  • kujaku666
    kujaku666 Member Posts: 12 Listener
    thankyou for that infomation 

    i was told that even though i have a carer looking after me i can still claim carers for my son 
    as the caring part doesnt have to be anything that contadicts my  disabilities 
    caring can be in a multitude of ways like just being there  and  tal;king  and helping  out 

    ive decided not to bother re claiming the 17 months carers allowance 
    as my son would lose that part of his benefit 
    and also i would then have 17 months of hassle with the council and rent and council tax 

    and to be honest they give you it in one hand and then say you have too much regarding council tax and rent 
    so it would lead to over payments for those 2  benefits 

    as i say they give with one hand and take it away wirth the other 

    benefit caps 
    what a  load of rubbish that is 


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