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Pip assesment day

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Hi all,

Just wanted some last minute advice for the dreaded pip assesment that’s today for my daughter. 

My daughter changed from DLA to PIP when she was 16. I sent in all her evidence and they did paper base assessment. I had a phone call out of the blue and was asked questions about 2 of the descriptors a few weeks later she was awarded and changed over. 

The end of last year I was sent forms for PiP review. There has not been any change in the support she needs but she has now been discharged from mental heath after another diagnosis. This time ASD. They said as she is supported at home and has her EHCP for college, that the GP can keep an eye on her and continue with medication and I can seek help through support groups and makes sure she follows self harming safely strategies. If she is willing it would be an idea for her to go to counselling through the college. 

I sent my form back and a few weeks later had a call from a nurse who said she worked for DWP and was hoping to fill in some gaps so she didn’t have to go through the face to face assessment. I answered her questions the best I could but some I was a bit confused as it didn’t seem to relate to the descriptors. I.E Does she do GCSE English and Maths? She did ask why she wasn’t seeing anybody anymore and I explained. Clearly there was not enough in the report as I have now got to take her for her assessment today. 

After reading all the horror stories I’m really worried. From the sounds of it most people are stopped pip after an assessment and you have to fight a long time to get it back. It’s going to be stressful enough trying to support her without the fear of not getting a fair assesment. It’s strange how all her evidence was enough before and her paper work is still the same but now what ever I say is not enough. 



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