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Hello I recive low mobility and low care DLA.  But the last year my health has got worse. I have trouble walking and taking care of myself. I am also reciveing  ESA and I had a assessment last year and they moved me from work focus group to support group. They said they might send me for another assessment this year but not heard nothing so far does that mean they will take me off support group. Do I tell DLA I have got worse or do i apply for pip and risk losing DLA I'm very confused. I suffer with depression and on tablets. Not sure what to do. Thanks 


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    Your ESA will continue and eventually you'll be sent another work capability assessment form. You'll most likely need to attend another face to face assessment when you're re-assessed.

    DLA no longer exists and you won't be able to report a change of circumstances for the DLA, instead you'll have to claim PIP. Starting a claim for PIP before you're invited to apply is risky because at least at the moment you're receiving the DLA payments.

    Before starting a claim i'd advise you to look at the PIP descriptors to see where you can those points. DLA and PIP are completely different benefits. PIP is awarded based on how your conditions affect your ability to carry out daily activity based on the PIP descriptors and not about a diagnosis. You'll also need evidence to support your claim.

    Links here to help you.

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    @ Georgia63  Having a review for ESA does not mean you will be moved out of the support group if you still meet the criteria to be in it. However no-one can predict what will happen. Your question sounded like you think DWP have pre-set ideas about what to do with claimants but that's not the case. My son has just been reviewed and he remained in the support group. About PIP I rang DWP in 2017 to report a change in my needs and was told to claim PIP. I ended up much better off but every case is different. I really don't think it makes any difference whether you decide to contact DWP now or wait to be transferred when you're asked to do so. You still go through how same process and the assessor doesn't know how you came to be claiming PIP. However it's your choice based on how strong a case you have when meeting the PIP descriptors.  


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