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Hia all, i was just wondering if my care link for my seizures would score me points as an aid and i also use a kettle tipper in my kitchen as i have scalded my self many times, also i have had a key safe fitted outside my front door for emergancy services to gain entry as i live alone and recently i have been referred to an incontinance clinic by my surgery as i suffer from incontinence alot due to my seizures which are every day inwhich i have been supplied incontinence pads on a daily basis, any advice would be appreciated.


  • twonker
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    Aids that are clearly needed and not a choice would be taken into account only if they fit one of the descriptors. 
  • InShock
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    I am not sure about all of the things you have mentioned but I am fairly confident that Incontinence pads are classed as an aid.
  • brad72
    brad72 Member Posts: 20 Listener
    I have no warning before a seizure and my carelink is a life saver, i sometimes go into status epilepticus and with me living on my own i need my emergency medication which obviously i cant administer my self. It costs between 40 to 50 pence everytime it is used so at the moment my dla is covering the cost i have seizures between 1 to 2 times a day. Also i have had an adapted shower put in by my local council due to how bad my seizures are, can anyone tell me if my perching stool and my shower chair which have also been supplied will just score me 2 points or do they award more i also have a support rail fitted in the shower as well.


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