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Getting involved in Disability Training as a career?

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I am interested in becoming involved in disability awareness training/consultancy, preferably as a self employed person, I have no idea where to start, are there courses I can take or as a lifelong wheelchair user would that be enough? 


  • Matt_Scope
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    there are a number of wheelchair skills training opportunities potentially available through charities such as Whizz-kidz and Get kids going etc and disability sports specific training opportunities available within sport and leisure if that's your thing.  I would possibly look at starting out that way and then building experience and an awareness of whats out there.  Of the training consultants that I know working in areas of accessibility, some have legal backgrounds, others just a lot of experience and have worked in DPOs etc.  I am sure other people will come up with other ways of accessing this line of work, but hopefully this gives you some ideas.