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just received the news that I have been cut off my PIP

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Hi everyone ....needing a bit of advice I have just received the news that I have been cut off my PIP, the letter ive received doesn't even sound like it was me they were assessing,im so angry and upset I could go on and on here but what I really need to know is do I have to write too them to get them to "reconsider a decision" ...also they state you get 4 weeks from the date of the letter I received the letter a week from the date that was on the letter, this is so unfair and shouldn't be allowed, any help and advice would be welcomed as ive no clue where to start with this........thanks everyone


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    Hi @wackojacko45 welcome to the community! Sorry to hear what has happened. As the letter states, you have 1 month, from the date stated on tour letter, to apply for a mandatory Reconsideration. I understand that this is upsetting, but I assure you, we have a community of knowledgeable members who will answer any questions you may have.
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    Hi @wackojacko45 and a very warm welcome to the community! I'm so sorry this has happened! Were you due a reassessment of PIP? You'll have 4 weeks to state the reasons why you should be reconsidered. This can be done by using the PIP descriptors that can be found here, and providing a few real life examples about how you fit them (and therefore should be claiming PIP). It my also be useful to contact citizen's advice who would be able to give you specific advice. I hope this helps and please do let us know if there is anything else we can do to help :) 

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    Thank you for your advice it has been very helpful....i just dont kniw how too go about dealing with this but yes your advice has helped and i will put it too use....i was on PIP and had to go for an assessment which was a nightmare totally felt i was being interagated it was awful, had to wait 6 weeks for outcome which resulted in me being cut off...honestly wasnt even me they were talking about in the letter that came back.....will let you all kniw how i get on any more advice would be welcome x
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    First of all, get some advice, if you can, to make sure you definitely qualify for enough points to get an award. You never know, as the questions and definitions are pretty convoluted.

    Then I'd call the DWP and ask for a copy of your assessment report (PA4). Also tell them that you *will* be requesting an MR in writing, but that this phone call is not an MR request (they sometimes do the MR right away, without waiting for you to send anything in, otherwise.)

    Write to the DWP and tell them that you want them to do an MR, but that they should wait until you send in a submission and/or further evidence. You may want to reiterate your request for a copy of the PA4. (You can also ask for a 2 week extension, if you have any possible reason for it - mental health low, getting more evidence will take longer than the time you have left, a long wait to see your GP/another healthcare provider/someone for help with the MR, etc. etc.) It's best to send everything DWP-related Signed-For if you can afford it, so you can prove that it did reach their mail-opening depot. They lose stuff a lot. ALWAYS KEEP A COPY OF ANYTHING YOU SEND THEM, INCLUDING FORMS. You will almost certainly have to call them up to check that they received the letter and have logged it.

    Did you send any evidence with the original form? The forms tend to be easy to misunderstand on this point: it is your responsibility to get and send evidence to the DWP; they very rarely contact your GP/consultants/MH workers. If you, like many others, didn't send any evidence, send some in at MR!

    Feel free to point out any major mistakes in the assessment report (provable ones!) in order to discredit it, but don't focus on that! @Chloe_Scope posted a link to the PIP questions and descriptors - in order to get PIP, you have to show that you meet enough of the descriptors to get you 8 points (standard) or 12 points (enhanced) for either/both Daily Living and/or Mobility. I used pipinfo.net to look up the exact definitions of things: for example, "simple meal" means,"a cooked one-course meal for one using fresh ingredients". "Support", "prompting", etc. all have specific meanings.

    In order to get points for a descriptor, you have to meet it at least 50% or more of the time: half the day, half the week, half the month, half the year... whatever. If your condition(s) fluctuate, write down how you're affected on bad, avg and good days, and estimate what percentage of the time you have those types of days. There are some complicated extra rules for if multiple conditions/symptoms affect you, so look it up.

    A very important thing which assessors and DMs often overlook: being able to do things RELIABLY. You can only be assessed as able to do the activity described by a descriptor if you can do it reliably, which means: repeatedly, safely, in a reasonable amount of time, and to a reasonable standard. (See pipinfo.net/issues/reliably .) If you can cook one meal in a day, but then you're too exhausted to cook anything else, then you can't do it repeatedly. You should get points. If you can cook a meal, but you use out-of-date ingredients and undercook it, then you can't cook to an acceptable standard. You should get points. Make sense?

    OK. So now you know what the descriptors mean, you have your form, evidence and the decision letter, as well as the assessment report when it comes. Go through each question and figure out which descriptor you fit. Now explain why, exactly, and point to evidence. Give examples of what happens when you try to do it. Try to think about the assessor's point of view. Maybe they think you can use a wheelchair because your hands work well, but you absolutely can't use a wheelchair because of back spasms! Say so!

    Lastly, only ~18% of decision are overturned at MR, so be prepared for that. You might be one of those 18%, but if you aren't, don't take it personally. At appeal, 73% of claimants win.

    Good luck!

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    Hi @wackojacko45, how are you getting on with this? Is there anything else I can do to help?


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