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The King

lillihop Member Posts: 3 Listener

    The imaginary king lay dying
    In his imaginary bed
    So he gathered his family around him
    And so the
  wise man said....
    To Jeb, my youngest quick to race
    I will leave you these.
    For I struck an accord with a dancing lord
    Who kindly lent me his keys.
    To Sal, no finer maker of lace
    I will you leave you twice.
    For in a game of chance with a noble's lance
    I won two frozen dice.
    To Ide, my eldest twice of face
    I will leave you this
    For I stole a shell from a humming birds well
    A hollow egg for a kiss
    And to Daf, your palm and your staff
    I wont leave a thing
    For at your side I will always reside
    After all you made me a king!