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Have many strategies tried and tested. What are other strategies that work for you?

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Some of my strategies are staying on my medication every day which allows me to flick or block unwanted negative thoughts, yoga, looking at starting each day anew, learning to trust good people and learning to trust myself to make good choices, rebuilding myself with slow and gentle exercise, meeting the love of my life, having my beautiful children with my partner/husband without doubt was a lifesaver, returning to work, running my own business so I can suit myself with hours and times although unable to work at same capacity as before as work sets a challenge, filling up my life with new things and reading positive information.  These are some that work for me.  I am doing extremely well I have been told by Doctor and Counsellor.  As I am also a parent and carer to my children who have disability and elderly parents, I am always looking at more ways to help myself, my family and others.  I know when I am able to run again I have conquered some fears.  Almost there.  What other strategies work for you that I have not tried?


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    While I am not a Christian, there is a simple Christian prayer that I keep close to me.

    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.

    There are things I used to do that I enjoyed but cannot do any more. I do not miss them, I have the memories and in their own ways shaped who I am.

    For the things I have lost new doors and opportunities open and so my life has taken new courses and challenges.

    I have not always had the wisdom to know the difference and make mistakes. Mistakes are not failures but rather lessons that take a little longer to learn and move on.

    Rather than mourn what I perceive I have lost, I have learned to love and appreciate what I have. And as I've been forced to slow down so I have had the opportunities to rediscover some simple joys that I used to enjoy and forgot along the way. Reading for pleasure, listening to music.

    It works for me.

    As an individual I stood alone.
    As a member of a group I did things.
    As part of a community I helped to create change!

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    Thank you GeoArk.  Reading for pleasure and listening to music sounds a great way to go. 
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    Hi @Cazcc, welcome to the community and thank you for sharing these with us - some really helpful tips!

    Have you thought about a gratitude journal? So every evening you'd write three (or one!) thing that you were grateful for that day. It's a good way of focusing on the positives and it will allow you to look back on previous days and see a collection of positives :)

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    Hello @Cazcc   Pleased to meet you . Thank you for your post.

    I have mental health issues mainly anxiety and depression live on my own.

    One thing I learnt is to plan and have strategies, coping methods.

    Create a folder for yourself. Put into it the sorts of things you need to cope and rely on. 

    You might have those days .

    I have in an A4 folder my recipes and cooking. Plus stocklists. So I never forget how to do anything.  Anything have I run out of need to buy.

    Use on line shopping lot better calmer. Many supermarkets offer a great deal. Midweek saver at TESCO.  Saves a lot of hassle. Plus your always got a stock cupboard of food no more anxiety.

    Also use my diary. To plan household tasks. In the back add relevant numbers. I need to speak to part of my care or I can talk to.  If I did have a support worker always in capitals.

    Add them to my mobile as well.. Including emergency numbers like Samaritans or Police.  Hate crime Unit.  Taxis and anything like that eases my mental situation.

    If I am out.

    Plan and schedule meals. Make one batch freezer one batch fridge.  Usually Soup. Ragu in the fridge lasts for days.

    Microwave a portion.  Also your freezer is your friend.  Have in it simple one pots and ideas to help you through bad days.

    I make Turkey Bolognese. Light simple and in zip bags for easy defrosting.  Something to do stock your freezer with plenty of go to ingredients. Frozen, fruit and veggies.   

    Lots of things from the supermarkets you can freeze that are cheap and easy to store and very useful.

    Bread in tin foil wrapped two pieces.  Cheese grated I did this myself. Food processor grater.  In boxes.  Buy a Chicken poached it one half meals for the week other half tin foil wrapped for sandwiches or salads.

    All cooked ready to be used.  Buy Fish and Prawns, Seafood mixes simple and easy to pan fry .I buy fresh except Seafood mix and Prawns.

    Frozen Fish ideal if your on a budget.  

    Buy a food processor, blender. Slice, dice veggies already to cook in tubs.  Make on standby sauces.  Using blender.  Do this on a Sunday as there is not a lot to do.  Ready for the week ahead.

    Same with store cupboard make a plan of easy to put together ingredients. 

    All of us get tired have simple easy things to do.

    House work and be cleaning. Do one room at a time. At your pace put some feel good music on.

    Have a selection of that. Mine is Motown or Northern Soul.  Look on Amazon for time savers. Household essentials.  In the home and kitchen.

    Have a coping box a small part of my storage area. Have in it favourite poems or CD's Anything to help and comfort you in days of crisis.

    A support worker told me advised me on that one. Have my favourite books including my bible to heal and inspire. Words underlined favourite passages of text.

    If you like me. Have this condition .  Meds are good but consider looking at alternatives to help your wellbeing.

    Look on the web have a small library of books that you can turn to heal and aid recovery.  Use to advise you. The Doctor is always there. They do not always have the answers.

    Do some research on mental health wellbeing or look on the web.

    I am looking at my own research how herbs and spices can help me. The Med diet being on that a long time after addiction.

    Anything like alternative therapies do Tia Chi warm up most mornings gentle time with the body. Do meditation and prayers.

    One other point regarding health the Doctors are then become your friend. Ask them for advice and guidance.

    I have done this continuous . Even spoken to a Doctor a locum from the Sikh faith. Asked about their medicines their health what do they as a community would take  regarding anxiety.

    As we are used to Western medicine.  Sometimes may not be the solutions.  Mentioned my interest with herbs and spices.  Alternative therapies to ease my mental health.

    Got a whole new perspective on the way I am.  The problems I can deal with by looking at alternatives.

    Have those days need to be educated look on the TV or web for feel good stories or programmes.

    Soaps, down depressed or not very inspiring or damaging programmes avoid.  Including the news. Who wants to wake up to that lot every morning.

    Put on Classic FM .

    News if I need to on the web.

    Hope that gives you some ideas.

    Happy to share and care.

    Wish you well.

    Take care.

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    I used to see a therapist. I also found keeping a MH diary a good idea. It helped me cope better. Otherwise you could take a online mindfulness course (MIND offer one). Another option is to try medication in conjunction with therapy. What about walks alone? I went for a solitary walk yesterday in a local park by myself. 

    If you are in Surrey-
    If not- https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/nhs-services/mental-health-services/how-to-access-mental-health-services/
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    Thank you for sharing your tips as well @thespiceman and @April2018mom
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