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Assessment phase waiting time

I began my esa claim in May after I could no longer cope at work. My form about what I find hard was returned on time in mid-July. I have been receiving the assessment rate of esa for this time. My support worker called in August to find out when I would receive a date to have a face to face assessment. They said they had sent a form for my GP who had returned it to them. They said it would take a while to send a date for a face to face assessment but as it is coming to the end of September I am getting very anxious. Does anybody know how long I can expect to wait? This is my first experience and I dont understand the system but it feels like a long time. Thank you. 


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    Waiting times for assessments depend on backlog in your area. Some wait a few months, while other wait several and more, there's really no timescales. 

    Most people have face to face assessments so expect one of those because paper based assessments are rare. Once a decision's been made on your claim if you're placed into the support group you'll receive backdated money dated from the 14th week of your claim. As it's New style ESA you're claiming then Support Group is paid for as long as you remain in the group.

    If you're placed into the WRAG your money will remain the same but it will stop after 365 days because it's time limited in this group. You will then continue to receive your NI credits towards your state pension.

    If you're found fit for work your money will stop.

    If you disagree with the decision once it's made you'll have 1 month from the date to request the Mandatory Reconsideration.

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    Welcome to the community @duckeggblue. I'm sorry we are unable to help you any further. Was there anything else we can do?


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