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Plantar fasciitis PIP???

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I've been suffering from plantar fasciitis (PF) for over 3 years to the point where I changed job and then had to leave employment due to extended periods of not being able to attend work. I've had ultra sounds, MRI scans, several rounds of injections, lots of different medications, physiotherapy, attended pain management courses and seen a physicists. None of the above have given any short or long term relief from the PF, and have left me with additional diagnosis of anxiety, depression and also tinnitus (a side effect from some of the medication I was on). I was claiming contribution based ESA but this I'm now informed can only be claimed for 1 year and then just stops. 

It's been suggested to me that severe PF and the acompanying chronic pain could qualify me for PIP. I have until recently been under the care of a specialised pain team so all of the above has been documented by an array of professionals. 

I've looked at the PIP form and in particular the mobility section, but I'm not clear how to complete it. Does it want me to answer the questions based on the times my PF is at its absolute worst, or as it is at the time of completing the form? Also when it asks about walking various distances does this mean walking normally, because I have to walk everywhere using only the balls of my feet. The last time my heels made contact with the floor was about 18 months ago during a physical assessment for custom shoe inserts.

The forms also don't seem to cover driving, which is particularly painful so I tend to avoid leaving the house unless necessary. I have recently started working one day a week, as a way of forcing myself not to be so insular, but it takes a few days of almost complete inactivity afterwards to recover.

Information from anyone who has PF and is receiving any sort of support would be extremely helpful. I fully expect the first PIP application to be rejected, I believe a high number of first ones are.


  • wilko
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    @markH, Hello and welcome, as you may, must know PIP is a benefit to assist you manage cope doing the pip descriptiors safley, repeatably and in a timely manner in your daily life activities. It is not awarded on illness, diagnosis or the treatment and medication you are prescribed. So may I sujest you study the PIP descriptiors and give examples of what happened or happens when you try, or attempt to preform the PIP descriptiors. The site Benefits and Work have a lot of information but a lot is for members only goggle pup descriptiors and you will get a lot of information also the PIP self test 
  • pollyanna1052
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    looks like the mobility section would be your best shot..if your feet hurt, you need transport which makes your life easier....walking certain distances would be a real difficulty for you.
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    PIP is about how your conditions affect you at least 50% of the time over a 12 month period. It's not about your worst days at all.

    Walking, it depends on how far you can walk regularly, reliably, without pain and discomfort. Driving isn't included but can sometimes go against you.

    This link will help you have more of an understanding about the PIP descriptors and what they mean.

    New style ESA or Contributions based ESA is only paid for 1 year unless you're placed into the Support Group (LCWRA) and then it's paid for as long as you remain in that group.


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