Disabled people
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Various health problems

em83em83 Member Posts: 10 Connected
I am a 36  year old female,I have unilateral cerebral palsy, a heart murmur,endometriosis, anemia (so tired and breathless now) arthritis in  my hands,feet,ankles and shoulder, depression ,anxiety ,emotionally unstable personality disorder and PTSD. Up until a year ago I also had arteriovenous malformation , which  caused high risk of stroke and high risk of anurysm ,luckily radiation got rid of the tangle of vessels in my brain. I struggle everyday mentally and physically. I have been in and out of mental health hospitals for the last 20 years and in and out of general hospitals all of my life (age 36) I haven't enjoyed life for so long, everyday is so painful both mentally and physically , has anyone any suggestions on how to make life more comfortable ? Easier to manage ? I have just had a wetroom installed so that makes showering easier being able to sit down. My joint pain from arthritis is bad now the weather has got colder. I try to tell myself I should order my groceries to help me manage better so I haven't go to struggle to carry things ,but anxiety over delivery always prevents me ordering , I never used to get anxiety that bad before . I only have one friend really, and she has social phobia ,but I try to visit her. If I can get out I manage a few things, but then it leaves me exhausted and in pain for hours/days. I just want to know how I can lead a normal life. I spend 95 percent of my time alone 


  • WhileIBreathIHopeWhileIBreathIHope Posts: 216 Member
    Hello, could you have a delivery box perhaps a secure place to leave your delivery?
    amazon pantry I saw advert where they smart lock delivery- don’t know how much it costs.
  • em83em83 Member Posts: 10 Connected
    I don't know about that but I could look into it , thanks :) . I struggle to cope with any deliveries as I worry endlessly about the delivery, like what if it doesn't turn up, or ends up somewhere else. I recently went without a fridge for 3 months after mine broke cos I couldn't cope with the delivery of a new one. I am pleased to say I finally got one last week 
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