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Hi there has anyone had the same experience as myself? Following a report to dhss from an ex friend, after I told her I was too ill to continue to take in her daily orders from Amazon I was filmed by the dwp. The film looks like I can walk normally but due to multiple health problems I can only mobilise for short periods of time ,struggling to keep up with my husband who has severe arthritis but because of severe raynards I cannot hold a stick in cold weather, but that is by the by .
The dvd had a transcript but non of the dates or times match.The meta data on the DVD is unobtainable and it says that I was viewed from a place where it is impossible to see my home. The tribunal only went off the film and no evidence I had produced from Drs, nurses and physio were taken on board and my husband wasn't allowed to comment, Long story short, I lost all PIP allowance, but has anyone else had this happened to them. And did you dispute the findings? I must admit it has made me so ill because all my friends and family think I should fight my case and I just want to give up and have a rest after two years of trying cheers K


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    As this was a Tribunal decision then you have 1 month from the date of the decision to request the statement of reasons and record of proceedings. Once you receive those you need to find someone to take a look to see if there's an error in law. If no error in law is found then i'm afraid you won't be able to take this any further.

    Your husband not being able to comment will not be an error in law, usually when appearing at a Tribunal for a benefit claim then the panel will want you to speak in your own words, unless you have an appointee and they will be able to speak on your behalf.
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    Hi @karenat35, how are you getting on? :)

  • karenat35
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    Hi Chloe, I am ok thank you,  just tired out and still upset that someone I thought was a friend could think that I was doing something I shouldn't because I went out of the house  to try and improve my breathing . But you live and learn don't you? hope you are ok thanks again for your support. Keep well Karen  
  • Chloe_Scope
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    Hi @karenat35, that's completely understandable! It can really hurt when things like this happen. Please feel free to use this space to air your thoughts and concerns if you think that would help.
    Hope you are keeping well too. :) 


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