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Hi, my name is JaxAss80!

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Ive Rheumatoid Arthritis. Most of the time I look phone. I’m a nurse, and having a horrible time at work, following time of sick for a flare. Disability discrimination is real, sad and lonely x 


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    Hi @JaxAss80 and welcome to the Community.  It is nice to meet you and thank you for sharing with us.  I'm really sorry to hear of your health struggles and the fact that you are having such a horrible time at work.  This is unfair and shouldn't be happening to you.  Have you spoken to your line manager about this or is there a friendly colleague who you can talk to about it?  Also can I ask if you are a member of a trade union at work who maybe able to support you?  Scope has some useful information about disability discrimination in the workplace which you may find helpful:-


    I really hope you get things sorted out and please keep in touch and let us know how things are going.  The Community is a very supportive and friendly place and we are here to help you so please talk to us anytime.  All the best.  :smile:
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    Thank you for your message and support. I tried to resolve it informally, with my line manager and then things just got worse. Now all my colleagues know and it’s now “you’ve up XXX (boss) so much, she is so upset” it got to the point every conversation/interaction my boss has with me she writes it down, (inaccurately) and send it over to me for agreement. Plus no colleagues are engaging with me unless it’s patient related. I started getting unwell again so my GP has signed me off. I did suggest a clear the air meeting twice, however both my bosses have declined to meet with me, with a companion or trade union rep. I’m going to raise a formal grievance this week. 

    It feels nice that I’m not alone. Very few people understand what is like having a chronic illness. 

    Thank you again x 
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    Hi @JaxAss80 - Welcome to the community from me as well, & thank you for joining us all. This is what Scope is about, fighting for anyone that has a disability; must admit I'm shocked to read about what you've gone through with both your bosses & colleagues in a 'caring' profession. I would have thought you would have been met with both understanding & empathy.
    I have the greatest respect for nurses, having worked as a physio a long time ago, & both then, & later, have met some wonderful nurses. One of my neighbours has RA; she used to be a midwife, & altho' I have osteoarthrosis, we have much in common.
    I'm so sorry that your attempts to sort this out amicably have failed; RA is after all rather well known about. There's such a difference in 'thinking' you know about it, however, & living with such a disorder.
    You will certainly find the utmost support here, & Ails has already sent you a link to help. Do please chat here any time; people here really do care & support each other with the very many different problems & disorders we face.
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    it’s been it’s been tough. I used to really love my job. I’ve a really supportive GP and rheumatologist. Feels better reaching out and having a community here x