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Lack of housing

I have spent many years trying to find my daughter who is 26 has Cerebral Palsy and is a wheelchair user adapted supported housing locally - Epping Forest Essex. We have been met by no knowledge of such from social workers and the local MP. Having spent hours looking online for such housing what it has revealed is what is available is for clients with learning disabilities , supported by their relevant charities/organisations. There is no such provision for young people with physical disabilities. Scope providing advice is of no help , we have exhausted all avenues. The community forum continually repeats the same issues. Scope needs to campaign for or help fund such establishments as do other organisations for clients with learning or behavioural issues. Practical help is what is required not advice, empowerment will not happen if what we seek is just not there!


  • woodbine
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    Hi and welcome; I think the wider issue here is the lack of housing full stop.Organisations like Scope can only do so much and funding housing I suspect is something they can't do.
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  • jadealyssa
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    Hi @Garryharry16
    Sorry to hear of your struggles. The housing are struggling alot to house people ranging from homeless vulnerable people to those with learning disabilities or disabilities in general.its not fair that so many vulnerable people dont have the resources they need. I hope that your find some solution and that your are able to find some housing.
    Best wishes 
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    Lack of social housing is a serious issue across the whole country and adapted housing is even worse. There's only so much campaigning an organisation can do especially when it's on a big scale such as this.
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    Welcome to the community @Garryharry16, I'm sorry to hear you haven't been able to find something suitable for your daughter. We recognise that this is such an important and one that does need campaigning about.

    Have you heard of Habinteg Housing Association? They specialise in accessible houses and also have various campaigns.