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Hello hope everyone is ok and safe 
I don’t know if you remember my story I want my tribunal 2019 after fighting with DWP so it took me a year to get my PIP back the tribunal awarded me one year because they thought I may be a legible for hire a limit to something anyways I was off for a review in December got rejected in February put an MR supposed be due end of March and I asked my Dr for supporting letter but the surgery is closed and my advisor centre is closed to what can do now? It’s now nearly end of April am scared am going to lose it again and wait over an year for tribunal! What can I do now! So worried don’t know why dwp do this to us?


  • thespiceman
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    Hello @affii1993   Sorry to hear this.  Please if I can reassure you.

    Please if I can ask you could inform DWP of any delay in getting any evidence.

    You could also do a number of things to get evidence.

    One of my recommendations is to apply Surgeries Website.

    I have done this for medication delivery, apply for on line for appointments.

    More important can if I wish to down load medical evidence from my own records.

    You need to access this by contacting Surgery.

    When opens. 

    Other ones are health workers support workers reports. Any care plans.

    Please can I inform you PIP as is any benefit is constantly under review .

    This is one of the issues with anything regarding benefits.

    I am afraid this does happen as I know my own personal circumstances.

    Claiming since early Eighties and then again Nineties.

    Was on a treadmill reviews one assessor says fit to work and sign on then eighteen months unfit to work.

    Around we go again.  For a long period of time. Used a charity to help and guide mental health support worker intervened.

    My advice to you is always get support, advice, guidance from any one who is supporting you.

    If you have a mental health conditions can supply relevant charities.

    If other conditions, illness always charities, organisation societies.

    Offer support advice, guidance and may be able to attend and speak for you if they need to.

    Please take care, keep safe.


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  • affii1993
    affii1993 Member Posts: 103 Courageous
    @thespiceman thank you so much for your reply and advice i am going to call dwp tmrw
  • affii1993
    affii1993 Member Posts: 103 Courageous
    @mikehughescq hey how are you? Yes it’s for MR i need to send the supporting letter to support my claim! It’s very hard and stressful time 


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