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uni direct discrimination

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hi all my uni have done a clear case of discrimination where i was in an engineering group and i suffer from PTSD which makes my mind run super fast ...well to me it's normal if you get what i mean? its a weird one  and how i got booted from the group project for well being me ..i reported it to uni .they said to do it alone we agreed on a lighter workload as much as i did it , want to in fear of failing i did it . 
so i formally reported this to uni and they basically said humm serious accusations then covered it up no enquiry or anything.

present-day  the uni now come to me telling me i need to hand in a piece of work from that subject my tutor told me on the 5/5 that he decided that day id have to do it but then handed me a hand in date listed on 5/3/2020

i expressed to my engineering deen what's going on he seems like he is trying to hush everything over who can i go to im leaving this uni but wish to take action against them stop them doing this to anyone else and i will name the university if allowed lol .i really want them never to do this to another student with problems that they do not understand ever again.
the last college i got 8 distinctions due to support given by them so i know what they should be doing ..... oh yes this is with dsa in place.
and yup im the only student in the uk who did teams worth of work on their own full stop .......and got a 85 % per cent for it a good thing about PTSD brain never sleeps really bad thing all the side effects felling detached etc but when this happens you want to lock away again