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PIP assessment & MR

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Got MR sent in to dwp for pip, I only received 6 points. As well as myself discussing why I think I should have got more points two friends gave me letters, one for a personal point of view on how I struggle and 1 on a work perspective and how I struggle. So to them I’m truly thankful of good friends! Asked dr surgery for medical history they sent me my medication notes which Iv put in with advice on the fact my medical history will follow. But does anyone else feel that you are having to fight for things all the time it’s so exhausting contacted drs today to ask why Iv not got it yet and they said they have to wait for dr to authorise! Then I get a message from CSA advising me that there is no payment but when I rang they wouldn’t tell me anything so now left worried about being nearly £300 short every month, I just sometimes feel others get things so easy at times and I have constant battles and I’m sick of it, just wonder what will be next ???


  • YvonneMK
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    Sorry for ranting ??
  • poppy123456
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    I'm glad you have friends that were happy to help. Although please be aware that PIP isn't about your ability to work. People work and claim PIP.

    Medical evidence is only useful if it states how your conditions affect you. Usually medical evidence just states things like diagnosis, past appointments, medication etc rarely does it state how your conditions affect you.

    I requested my medical records several months ago and when i looked through the huge amount of pages, all i could see was past appointments, Xrays, MRI scans, blood test results, huge list of past medication that i used to take but nothing that was really relivant to how my conditions affect me. For this reason i would never send any of it.

    One thing to always remember, less is often more. Sending in huge amounts of evidence really isn't helpful because chances are they won't even read it. If you do send in a lot of evidence then you will need to make sure that's there's nothing in there that will contradict each other. I always say to myself if it's not related to how i'm affected against the PIP descriptors then it won't be sent. All you really need are those real life examples of what happened the last time you attempted that activity for each descriptor that applies to you.

    Good luck.
  • YvonneMK
    YvonneMK Member Posts: 13 Connected
    Thank you poppy 


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