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Hi everyone I have heard back from OH which is great got the support. From work I have been provided with a phone, to use at home. 6 weeks it took to find out that I can use my personal earphones and take calls. No one ever told me that while your headset on it’s way, use your personal headphones. I had to hear it from the PA of the company. Should I make a complaint about it? Now they want to downgrade me because I’ve fallen behind but it’s not my fault, company didn’t advise me that I can connect to the system using my earphones. I feel like been discriminated at work, but in a way that feels like you haven’t been. 


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    I would perhaps just get on with it now probably better to have a job at almost (and i do mean almost) any cost as its projected that unemployment will hit 2 million in the new year. Maybe you could discuss the "downgrading" with them?
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    Yeah I could. They gave me the offer to restart fresh again. I have TA job lined up, if dbs gets successful. I rather make a complaint so it doesn’t happen with someone else. 
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    You have to take into consideration the most extreme difficult times that we have right now. Employers are struggling with less staff because of people off sick and with social distancing in place too. l. Making a complaint seems rather harsh. I believe you were advised in a previous thread to use your own headphones, i'm not sure why you would need permission for this.
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    As an ex HR Manager i would advise a complaint wouldnt be in your best interest. You were advised on here about using alternative earphones so why didnt you take responsibility and ask the question at work rather than waiting 6 weeks for them to tell you ?

    You also have a responsibility to perform your role to the best of your ability its not just the employer and you could have helped to resolve the issue yourself

    I would speak to them about starting fresh now you have what you need and the fact they have suggested this is showing they are making reasonable adjustments, you also have to make adjustments 

    Sorry if this sounds harsh but I think you are in a decent company and another company may not be but thats just my opinion you know better about where you work
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    I didn’t know that was possible. None of the managers told me. It was the PA that told me. Main manager said to be that this isn’t acceptable by them. They apologised. I had the earphones in front of me, but no one mentioned work phone that normal headset will work. They have apologised and completely will provide  full training has been agreed.  
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    sufian94 said:
    I didn’t know that was possible. None of the managers told me.
    You did know this because you were advised on here, infact i think it was me that advised you to use your own headphones. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh but but there's an awful lot of people that have lost their job because of the pandemic and they would do anything to have this job.

    You need to allow for these most extreme times we are in and putting in this complaint when you could have just used your own for now, doesn't seem right to me. Sorry but that's just my thoughts.