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Bath seat to use at my Parents?


Would it be possible to get one, because I have problems getting in and out of a high bath at the Flat, a few years ago I had a bath seat installed, paid for by social services and the local Council, and serviced every 6 months.

Because when I come to my Parents' I have to have a shower, which I'm not the World's biggest fan of, would it be possible to somehow aquire a bath seat to use up here?

Their bath isn't as high or long as mine.

It's probably a non starter but as mentioned I hate showers.


  • janer1967
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    I have one supplied by red cross but I'm not sure as you have one if they will supply another free 

    I have seen some b4 on facebook sites or maybe Ebay 

    It is always worth trying and asking the question they may let you have another but if you can use a shower as an alternative I'm not sure 

    Contact them you should have a number on your paperwork 
  • Lisatho11987777
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    What hapoend with me  in wales  i applied for two as when I came out of hospital I had a bath  seat fitted in my  house  and a portable bath board  to take to my mums or my partners  i know the rules are different in englsnd  i was also given a fold up shower / bath chair