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Hi. We are Chris and Terry


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    Hi and welcome to you both 

    Have a look around and feel free to join in or ask any questions 

    Nice to have you join 
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    Hello and welcome to the community @krisandtel :) How are you both getting on today?

    Would you like to tell us a little bit about yourselves? 

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    HI Chris and Terry, I'm a newbie too but finding support and comfort here.  How are you both?  <3
  • krisandtel
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    Hi. My mother Kath is quite unwell after a series of strokes and is quite incapacitated. We are now looking at how to obtain all the necessary info needed. i.e. Court of protection for her finances etc. She will not be living in her own home and will have to go in to a Nursing home in the next 2 to 3 weeks after being in hospital for the last 3 weeks. She does not have the capacity to fill in forms or respond to questions. It would be probably better for us to bullet point if anyone has had the same issues. We have no power of attorney. Not sure where to start for advice. 
  • lisathomas50
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    @krisandtel hi I think you will need to speak to a solicitor for advice as you said your mum hasn't got capacity 

    If a person needs to go into a home any asserts that aren't protected  will normaly be sold to pay for their care 

    This is from my own personal experience and also as a carer in the community and as an advocate 

    A person needs capacity to sign or agree to giving power of attorney  to any one or to sign their house over 

    My mum has dementia  and still had capacity up until  March 2020 my mum signed all relative paper work  to sign her house over to me and my brother and made us power of attorney one and two  and had to have witnesses when signing 

    The problem we encountered was at the time mum had to be from any help  and know what she was doing fir seven years my mum now lives with my brother as they could still take the house to pay fir care I am not sure if that still stands though 

    You realy need to get advice from a solicitor as soon as possible if  your mum is going into a nursing home soon 

    Hope that helps 
  • krisandtel
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    Thank you so much.
  • lisathomas50
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    @krisandtel your welcome I hope that you can get something sorted out