Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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Declaration of one off payment from Pension on Contribution ESA


First Post bar the Hello one so be gentle.

I was informed by a fellow at HMRC when I got my pension stuff and was dealing with tax code that they would inform DWP about my pension... I knew I was to have a reduction in my payment due to being slightly over the £85 per week allowed. I had noticed my payments had not changed so contacted ESA DWP... 
They asked a few questions and said I should put my changes to circumstances in writing just explaining exactly as I had told them. They have asked for the document from the pension people that says what my pension is and date started etc.

I got my first pension payment on 31st March and it was with arrears and then got a pay slip about a week ago.
Now the document they want states the amount I got as a one off payment (25% payment) plus my annual pension. 
Can I black out the part about my one off payment or does it not matter as I'm on contribution ESA .... Sorry but I do not trust these people and I'm expecting a back lash from them. 

Thank you in advance for any comments made that may help me 




  • calcotticalcotti Member Posts: 1,761 Pioneering
    Blanking out information will just provoke a question from them about the missing information.

    The one off lump sum is treated as capital and will not affect your contribution based ESA.
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