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Cubital Tunnel Syndrome experienced advice needed!

I have done my own research, since I have waited for my Orthopedics / hand specialist appointment since September 2019, and well.. No idea how long it will still take before I get my letter and time.

I found out that the symptoms I've had with my both hands fit the symptoms in Cubital tunnel syndrome 100%.
I already have diagnosed OA in my knees, hips, feet and right hand, DDD in my lower back etc.
Last October when the colder weather came my problems started which I thought are all connected to my OA, but my GP just told to wait for my appointment. 
My right hand got so bad that couldn't even hold a pencil. Now after months situation has calmed down but aches and pains come and go constantly. 

My symptoms have been following:
- my arms and hands get numb and like blood wouldn't circulate if I keep them too long bent.. Even only in 90° angle
- Feeling of tingling, pins & needles in my fingertips, especially in pinky- and ring-fingers
- when the nerve pain gets worse it feels like someone is pushing something sharp underneath my fingernails
- without stopping doing anything and just sitting for ages arms straightened the feeling will spread fast towards my elbows and them my elbows and inner arm hurts as well

So you who have this... Could my maybe vague self-diagnosis be correct?

What I understood OA and Arthritis as well as my diabetes are both also illnesses that might induce these problems and this syndrome to come. 

Idk... Please comment and/or educate me.

Thank you for answering ❤️?
All you need is L❤️VE ..and oxygen ?