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Hi, my name is wisperdragonfly!

wisperdragonfly Member Posts: 13 Connected
Hi there, I am new here so I thought I would tell you a little about myself! I am almost 42 and have been registered mentally disabled since 2015 and physically disabled since 2017. Since being diagnosed my life has changed dramatically and that has been hard to accept!
But now I work as a volunteer for Scope in the Cheetham Hill Manchester shop, since starting there around 4 weeks ago I've researched SCOPE and how they work and what their mission is, and it's lit a fire in me and got me excited about all they do. I've always wanted to jump out of a plane and have decided to do it whilst raising money for SCOPE. Hopefully will start a blog about my progress in my fundraising, so anyone who wants to keep up with my journey can do!
I'd love to make some new friends on here! Love and light to you all xxx


  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 13,272 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi and welcome to the community

    Your fund raising sounds amazing 

    Feel free to join in here or ask any questions 
  • chiarieds
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    Hi @wisperdragonfly - welcome to the community, & thank you for joining & saying about yourself.
    Wow, you don't do things by halves! What a great aim whilst helping Scope; that's just amazing, & I look forward to your blog. Your positivity is very welcome, & I'm sure you'll enjoy being part of this friendly & supportive group. :)
  • wisperdragonfly
    wisperdragonfly Member Posts: 13 Connected
    @janer1967 and @chiarieds thank you for the welcome!

    I'm super excited about my parachute jump and am full of ideas to fundraise for it. I can't wait!

    Volunteering for Scope is also really helping me by building my confidence and giving me a purpose!

    I'm also happy to have joined this online community, hopefully I can make friends or even help others xxx
  • Tori_Scope
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    Scope community team

    Welcome to the community @wisperdragonfly :) 

    It's fantastic that you volunteer for Scope. Our retail teams are so important, and do a wonderful job! How have you been finding it so far? 

    It's also really good to hear that you're planning on doing some fundraising. Please feel free to share your blog here when you've got it set up. We'd love to follow your progress!

    We look forward to seeing you around. Please do feel free to get stuck in with any discussions that interest you. If you'd like to meet new people, you might like to head over to the coffee lounge. Just give us a shout if you need anything. 
    Online Community Coordinator, she/her

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  • Caz_Alumni
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    Hello @wisperdragonfly :)

    Great to meet you! And fantastic to hear all about your work for Scope, including your plans for fundraising. How brilliant! Could I ask, what inspired you to want to do a parachute jump?

    You've lit a fire in me as well, just reading your post. So, thank you! I'm 42, the same as you. And based in the northwest. I'm not quite near enough to Cheatham Hill to visit your Scope shop on a regular basis. But if I'm ever in the area, I'll be sure to stop by and find out how you're getting on. Plus, I've always fancied doing a parachute jump. Though I had started to think I was getting a bit too old. You've made me have a re-think on that. ;)

    Yes, please do keep us updated about your exploits. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your journey over the coming months!

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  • wisperdragonfly
    wisperdragonfly Member Posts: 13 Connected
    I've always wanted to skydive, but I just kept putting it off or something happened to stop me. But facing death in 2017 and then turning 40 in 2019 made me look at my life. I thought if I live till I'm 80 (highly unlikely with my conditions) then I'm already more than half way through and it just didn't seem long enough!
    I've been told so many times in the past 9 years what I can't do, what I shouldn't do in all aspects of my life. You can't do that because of this illness or that condition. 
    Well I've made a conscious decision that I'm taking back control, yes there is lots I can't do because of my disabilities but check what I can do, I'm jumping out of a plane ! I'm fed up of people only seeing the negative, I did negative, it wasn't good for me and wow it was boring lol! 

    So I'm pushing forward and powering through, concentrating on the amazing things I can do!
    And as for you being too old to jump, nah don't let a number be the reason you didn't at least try to do it! You can do almost anything if you put your mind to it and work hard to get there.
    Remember you are special, there is only one you so be the best you, that you can be. And if you can help others along the way, all the better! Thats another reason I decided on SCOPE to fundraise for, I wanted to give something back as SCOPE are instrumental in helping me get my best life back!

    Sorry I went on a bit there lol anyway one last question, am I allowed to post my just giving sponsor link up here? And if so where is best to post it? Any money donated through the link goes directly to scope!

    Much love xx
  • wisperdragonfly
    wisperdragonfly Member Posts: 13 Connected
    Here is my just giving page, I know money is tight right now but could I ask if you have just £1 would you consider sponsoring me.
    Whether you can sponsor or not could you please share my link?

    Thank you kindly
    Love and light xxx


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