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Drinking (Possible ASD)

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Hi all - our son has been recommended a referall for ASD pathway which has been devastating to come to terms with but on top of this on Monday he has suddenly stopped drinking, he hasn’t had a drink since mid-day on Monday (17/05) I had him at A&E yesterday and they have said he isn’t medically unwell (yet) and not much else was said. As parents we are worried sick, he used to drink a lot up till Monday. We are getting small amounts of fluid into him via milk with weetabix and adding water to veg and yoghurts but its not huge amounts of water. As he has possible ASD we believe its come on as the cup he used was damaged on Monday, even though we managed to source an identical cup at Asda he now simply refuses any drink. Any advice or any other people been through something similar? We are desperate :(


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    Hi there 

    Sorry to read this if ge us eating he us getting some form 8f hydration but as you say it is important for him to drink 

    Maybe you could take him to pick out his own cup and let him have drinks he would really like maybe milk shakes with toppings on or soda ice cream floats make them look irresistible to tempt him 

    Hope you get it sorted 
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    Hello @MkNic and a warm welcome to our community.

    I'm so sorry things are difficult for you at the minute, I truly understand you feeling desperate, it must be a testing time  :(

    Firstly, you absolutely did the right thing going to A&E and I'd recommend doing that again should you begin to notice any deterioration.  Also, consider calling 111 to ask for medical advice about how to manage the situation as it stands.  

    Other than the weetabix, veg and yoghurt, has he got a good appetite? It sounds like you're doing your best to get fluid into him and I'd encourage you to carry on doing that by offering lots of water-rich foods including ice lollies (!).  Plus, I wonder if it would make any difference to try using straws?  

    I have everything crossed that he has a good drink soon, but do follow your gut if your concerns increase and seek medical attention.  Please let us know how you get on  <3
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