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Hi, my name is lyndylou23!

lyndylou23 Member Posts: 4 Listener
Hello my name's Lynne I'm 47 from leeds I'd love too chat too chat to other people and make new friends also find out if there's any social groups in Leeds area x


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    Hello @lyndylou23 and a warm welcome to our community!  How are you doing?

    I'm a fellow Northerner and can you believe it, the sun is actually out today  :D  Do you have anything nice planned?

    To get started on the community, you might want to browse our recent discussions to see what has everyone talking.  Plus, perhaps take a peep in our virtual coffee lounge where we natter about allsorts.  If you have a question you want to ask anytime, please fire away.  We'd love to help.

    What sort of social group would you be interested in?  There's a website called Meetup that shows some social groups in Leeds.  However, I'd urge you to keep safe at all times and make sure someone knows where you are if you decide to attend (always best to be careful!).  

    I hope you're good and look forward to speaking again soon.  
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  • lyndylou23
    lyndylou23 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Hi Cher thanks for ur message yes?I'm proper northern lol yes it's nice suns shining I'm just having a cuppa tea and some breakfast then gonna get out get some air this is all new too me will have a look have a good day x
  • chiarieds
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    Hi @lyndylou23 - & welcome to the community. I was born in Leeds, & still live in Yorkshire; a great place to be! I look forward to seeing you around the forum. :)
  • lyndylou23
    lyndylou23 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Hello chaireds thank u for ur msg I was born in Liverpool but I came to leeds when I 5 years old yes some lovely parts of Yorkshire I am just having a look it's new too me yet have a good day lyndylou x
  • janer1967
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    Hi and welcome from another Yorkshire born and bred member 

    I'm from South Yorkshire I did work in Leeds for a few years 

    Have a nice day and enjoy getting out in the sun 
  • Tori_Scope
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    Welcome to the community @lyndylou23 :) It's good to have you with us.

    I'm not originally from Leeds, but I've lived here for the past few years. As Cher suggested, Meetup can be a good way to meet new people with a similar interest to you. I know quite a few people who've made friends in Leeds that way. Do you have any specific interests or hobbies? 

    I hope you have a good time getting out into the fresh air! The weather isn't too bad at the moment, so we've got to squeeze those moments in.
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  • Ami2301
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    Welcome to the community @lyndylou23 :)
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  • lyndylou23
    lyndylou23 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Hi tori hope ur okay thanks for ur message I spent today with my sister Emma enjoying the lovely weather I enjoy spending time with my family and friends but most are married so don't see many I love singing I joined a women's choir about 5 years ago but due too covid restrictions we can't at moment xx with everything hoping we can get together soon I miss everyone and love singing makes me forget about pain too be nice to meet new people on here hopefully who share simalar experiences I have cp I'm lucky it doesn't affect my speech x I talk for England lol I can walk but it's getting harder with my mobility I'm strong minded person x x 
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