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Fit note dates

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edited November 2021 in Universal Credit (UC)
Hi all. Looking for help with fit note dates please. I’m currently waiting for my work assessment, and my first fit note is about to run out on the 3rd of Nov. I rang the drs today and the receptionist said they will only do a new one if I ring on the 4th of Nov but my dr isn’t there that day. My dr has already said in our last app she is happy to extend and that I just needed to call a few days before and she’d get it ready for me. But the receptionist wouldn’t even pass this msg on. I’m really concerned I will end up with a gap and lose money because of this. Should my I be able to request a couple of days ahead that my dr have this ready for me?? Or does it sound right that I can’t do anything other than wait til the 4th when she’s not even there?! Very anxious any advice appreciated thank you 



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