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The first of probably many questions re MR

Cress Member Posts: 1,012 Pioneering

I’ve been looking at how to request an MR and there’s mention of requesting a statement of reasons …I’ve asked for the assessors report.

I thought the statement of reasons was only used for tribunals.

Any help appreciated. :)


  • poppy123456
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    edited November 2021
    Cress said:

    I thought the statement of reasons was only used for tribunals.

    You are correct with this, there's no statement of reasons at this stage.
  • Cress
    Cress Member Posts: 1,012 Pioneering
  • mikehughescq
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    You can request an explanation of the decision. That then theoretically gives you 14 more days to request an MR. Utterly pointless as

    a) it’s no longer painful to do a late MR.
    b) MR is not or at least should not be a complex process. Either just ask them to look again or identify the pivotal facts you think they disregarded. The latter is not about attacking the HCP report. It’s solely about presenting your evidence.
    c) the explanation you can request is pretty much another template based letter. It will give you zero help with composing an MR.
  • Cress
    Cress Member Posts: 1,012 Pioneering

    Yeah, thanks, Mike. I won’t bother with that.
    just collecting my thought a bit.
    I was feeling overwhelmed for a bit but I now know which points I want to argue for and realizing I’m not having to do a complete go over of everything.

    I wanted 2 points for using an aid for medication. I got myself a pill box, but I was missing doses and more of a concern to me was I was double dosing at times.
    This would result in me getting into a panic about putting the right meds in the right compartment and literally shaking trying to get tiny pills in tiny compartments, so quite often they were going everywhere. My GP said she thought it better if I used a blister pack, which is a lot better for me, although I sometimes still double dose by taking tablets from the next row along…I have no idea how I can make such a mistake it’s like my brain goes awol at times…I look at where I’ve taken too many pills and can’t think how the hell I would do that.

    I got 2 points for needs prompting to mix with other people, but think I should have got 4.
    I don’t have friends, avoid people wherever possible, don’t even make eye contact with the delivery person in case it’s taken as a sign for chatting. I couldn’t go to my youngest sons wedding as the whole thing was too sickening for me even to think about. I don’t go out for lunch or coffee or to a hairdressers. If it wasn’t for my brother in law taking me to see my son I wouldn’t be able to go and even then I had to ask the carers  to back off and just let me sign the visitors book as they were very loud, chatty and over enthusiastic. The worst kind of people for me to cope with…They’re just being kind and I know I’m a cow for just wanting them to ignore me.

    I said I had problems going for appointments because of panic attacks but no problems speaking with medical people, I explained this was because they had no time to chat, had no interest or curiosity in me beyond what ails me and how they can help and I never think they’re judging me so don’t have to try and pretend I’m ‘normal’  or ok as I wouldn’t be there if I was.

    I need to explain more about how mixing with other people affects me.

    for the mobility part, I don’t cope with going out. I explained that my brother in law takes me where I need to go and that sometimes I can’t manage that. I have groceries and meds delivered, I’m taken to see my son once a week although I’m working on having him allowed to visit me at home so I will not have to go through that, which brings the problem of being with other people to the fore again as they say he would need to be accompanied by a support worker for safety at first.. I’ll have to have my brother in law with me for that.

    I’d explained what happens when I’m out on my own giving details of panic attacks …one example was my brother in law had taken me for a GP appointment and rather then have to go back for another the following week both issues were dealt with that day so I was feeling pleased and relieved and decided to walk home alone. That was a mistake as I was totally blindsided by a panic attack on the way home which scared me more because I’d been feeling ok.

    My GP albeit reluctantly said she’d prescribe me 14 diazepam a month to help cope with the symptoms of panic attacks, but I was never to have any more then that a month. Which is helping.

    my decision letter pointed out that I was now under my GPs care only, so I need to to let them know that not planning my suicide on a daily basis isn’t reason to assume I’m ok.

    I also think I should have got four and not two points for eating

    ive gone on a bit (lot) sorry…..


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