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Can anyone help me understand this?

Hi, I've been awarded lcwra and thats about as much as I can understand as the Decision was made the 23rd December but as you can see it dates back to 2019 and it's just getting me really confused, any help and information would be absolutely amazing, thanks


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    It means that you are entitled to have been paid the LCWRA element from the 29th July to 28th August period 2019 (the payment made in early September 2019).

    Your future UC payments will include the LCWRA element and you will get a separate payment of the arrears due from September 2019. It will take a while for DWP to calculate what they owe you as they have to recalculate every month that is affected and then compare it with what they paid you in order to work out the difference.

    The LCWRA element is currently worth £343.63/month. Exactly how much your UC payments change will be affected by how your UC claim is made up.
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    Hi @lolios4u and welcome to the community. 
    It's great news you've had the decision changed and will have the LCWRA element backdated to September 2019. 
    As @calcotti mentions, it'll take a while for them to calculate what they owe you backdated but you should receive the LCWRA element from your next payment onwards too. 
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    @Adrian_Scope @calcotti thank you both so much I really appreciate the help and the explanation, hope you's have an amazing Christmas!


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