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Can I request a longer award?

daisymouse Member Posts: 1 Listener
My son was awarded an 18 month award, it’s got 3 months left and we received a renewal pack a couple of months ago.

Can we request a longer award this time around and what’s the best way to ask?

My son is 10 and has autism, ADHD, auditory processing disorder, speech delay, sensory processing disorder, gender dysmorphia, ARFID, social anxiety, depression (and is on medication for this), gross and fine motor skill delay and a sleep disorder. 

I know it isn’t about his conditions but these aren’t things that just go away in 18 months and redoing the forms every year is a nightmare. 

If anything his needs are increasing as he gets older rather than decreasing as the expectations of a child his age are higher.

He currently only receives low daily living which we know is wrong for his level of care but I was too disorganised to challenge it

Any advice greatly appreciated 



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