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Pony Walker - What’s Next?

GuestGuest Member Posts: 1,968
Hi, our service provider lent us a Pony Walker for our 2 year old son to help with weight bearing. He's diplegic although his left arm is involved as well. He can sit when placed but topples over if he reaches for a toy though trunk control is getting better. Anyway, we've had the walker for nearly a year and since summer he's learnt to move forward on it (up until then he could get around scooting backwards). The independence was fantastic and cognition and overall development was coming on fantastically because he could move around by himself.

Last week he took a fall and ended up in hospital with a bump on his head and since then I've put him in it only once with a bicycle helmet on for safety! He took another topple but a more controlled one because I was beside him. I now won't allow him in it as I'm terrified he'll do himself some damage. He's gotten lazy with the pushing and has started going sideways, hence all the falls. His physio wasn't happy with the mobility he was getting from it, she just wanted him weight bearing with brakes on but we as parents could see positive changes from his having the chance to explore his environment.

Sorry about the long message, what I'm really asking is does anyone know of any other suitable more stable walker that he could use instead?


  • renacahillrenacahill Member Posts: 145


    Is your son able to crawl?  Or did he go straight on to walking?.  I am saying this as crawling is a very positive experience for cp children. They learn balance, reciprocal movement, spacial awareness, and build up the strength in their arms,shoulders and legs and encourage flexibility in all joints.  It is also a good safer way to explore their environment.  Sorry if he has already done this, but I dont think theres any point pushing the walking before he is ready, as your physio suggests - using it for standing is a good idea.  Maybe return to crawling until he builds up the extra strength and confidence?. 



  • evonnehunterevonnehunter Member Posts: 1


    My son has recently been diagnosed with CP but we have known for a while that something wasn't right.  Kiran is on his 2nd walker provided by physio.  The first one was ok but he used to catch his foot on it.  The second one is perfect as it encourages him to stand straight.  I get the impression that Kiran's mobility is slightly better than your little boys but my point is that your physio should be able to provide something suitable to prevent you sourcing this from elsewhere.  I feel they have let you down a bit giving you advice and instruction but no physical tools to carry them out.  Don't know if this helps but you didn't do anything wrong.  Any parent would use what ever it takes if they saw a difference in their child so don't be so hard on yourself.

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