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Older person with cerebral palsy

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Hello, I would like to ask some questions about older person with cerebral palsy.I have cerebral palsy and I will be soon 56 and i would like to get some advise.I went to see my GP as I am getting a lot of water in my mouth and I don't like this.And when eating the water becomes a real pain.I keep swallowing, but this gives me a lot of wind and heartburn. The GP said I should see the speech therapist. I can swallow OK.I think if there's a pill to dry the water up. I would be very grateful if someone could help me with advise, if you have or have had the same problem or you know someone with the same problem. Thank you!


  • Catherine12
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    Hi, not sure I have the answer but my 4 year old drools a lot and in order to dry up the excess saliva the doctor recommended Scopoderm. It is a little patch that is placed behind the ear and treats motion sickness, a dry mouth is one of the side effects. Hope that helps.