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I'm thinking of getting an iPad for my son (19, severe CP)


  • ericamarks
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    Hi Chris, I'm thinking of getting an iPad for my son (19, severe CP) to use at school to Skype us in the evening. Any other ways he could use the iPad? Talking books, for example? I know we could put his iTunes on there and he could update his iPod from it. Just thinking, does he really need something as large as a laptop? He can watch DVD's on his laptop, but if he could do this on the iPad as well, that may be good enough. Any good Apps for those with physical/visual disabilities?
  • Chris2
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    Hi Erica, great to hear from you.
    The Ipad is a fantastic device and for many people with CP and related disabilities it has opened up a new world of fun and interactive enjoyment. Access is always the key though. If your son is able to fairly accurately target on-screen icons with a hand or finger then it sounds like it would be a good option. If not there may be some other similar devices that could be used as an alternative. The RM Slate is a Windows 7 powered device. It looks and feels like an Ipad, however it acts like a touch screen computer. This means that you can install any software on it in the same way you would on a laptop. If your son uses any specialist access devices such as switches then these can be set up in the same way you would a regular computer. Some more information would be good around the way your son currently access a computer, I can then hopefully offer more specific advice.

    Here is a link to the RM Slate http://www.rm.com/shops/rmshop/product.aspx?cref=PD1787832