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is it "correct information"??

philippamoon Member Posts: 2
I am a lone parent with a disabled child (12 years) who has been awarded DLA higher care component and lower mobility and I am receiving Carer's Allowance.

Yesterday I was told by my adviser at Jobcentre that I need to start looking for a job, as the benefit system is going to change even if I am a carer.

Could any one kindly advise me if the information given by the adviser is correct, as I can't find any official/government documents which state that carers must be available to work anytime in near future?

Thank you for reading my message.


  • [Deleted User]
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    Hey Philippamoon,

    I've not heard anything about this....I wonder what on earth was (s)he on about?!

    The Care Act (2015) came in in April, which is probably what your advisor was trying to talk about. There are changes that affect Carers' but most people perceive them as actually quite positive - for example you'll have increased rights, be able to get your own needs as a carer assessed, and the local authority has an obligation to meet your eligible needs.

    There's quite a helpful q&a here:

    Also, from a carers' allowance perspective, there's actually an increase in the threshold allowance (it's only £8, but still!) - more info here:

    Ask your advisor to point you to the legislation that backs up what he or she is saying.... and then come and tell us what he or she said!


    -B x
  • philippamoon
    philippamoon Member Posts: 2
    edited April 2015

    Thank you so much for your message and information you gave me is very helpful. I was not aware that new The Care Act came in April, I will surely visit websites you have mentioned.

    What the advise told me was that, because my son is in full-time education, I must be able to work while he is in school. My understanding is that recipients of Care's Allowance do not need to actively seek a job until their child becomes 16, but the adviser said because many of  benefits will be managed by Universal Credits soon, this rule may no longer apply to carers and I need to see him more regularly from now on, showing that I am intended to get employed soon.

    I am very confused....      
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    Hi Philippamoon,

    How confusing for you.
    Let's see if we can unravel this for you. Can I start by asking which part of the country you live in?
    You mentioned that you are now receiving DLA higher rate care and low rate mobility for your child and that you are also in receipt of Carer's Allowance. Are you receiving any other benefits aside from these, for example, a top up of Income Support?

    I look forward to hearing back from you. If you would feel more comfortable talking about this over the phone please do give me a call at the helpline.

    Best wishes


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