Visual and hearing impairments
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Soon after my son's audiology test i could sense some behavioural changes in him


  • pp82pp82 Member Posts: 2
    Hi Vicki
    My son (6 yrs) went for a hearing test, the first 2 tests were done while sitting and the other 2 tests were done after sedation, but soon after his audiology test i could sense some behavioural changes in him, he is more in-active (he is actually very active), very sleepy, showing signs of OCD, more sensitive to touch etc, today is the 3rd day after the test. I am more scared now. Are these signs temporary?. Is this because of the sound waves that disturbed his brain?.Please Help
  • VickiKirwinVickiKirwin Member Posts: 69 Courageous
    Hi pp82

    I’m sorry to hear that your son is not feeling his usual self. The hearing tests your son had are harmless and painless. The reason your son would have been given some sedation would be so that he was completley still and quiet for the duration of the tests (eye and other muscle movement obscures the tiny responses the audiologist is looking for as they track the response to the sound along the hearing nerve pathway). The sounds used during the test are the same types of beeps and hissing sounds he would have listened to during the tests he did when awake.

    I wouldn’t expect the hearing tests themselves to have caused any after effects, but it might be possible that your son is reacting to the experience of being in hospital for the tests, or even the sedation. Have a chat with your audiologist or GP if he’s not back to himself very soon.

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