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Hi, my name is craftyinsomniac!

I am disabled with a condition called ehlers-danlos hypermobility type, I struggle day to day and still currently live at home with my parents although I am on the list waiting for a council property that is adapted. I hope that I can meet some other people who live in my area perhaps.


  • Debbie_Alumni
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    Hi craftyinsomniac,

    Welcome to the community.
    I hope you don't have to wait too long before a property becomes available for you :)
  • craftyinsomniac
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    Unfortunately it's been 3 years so far!!! I've got to be so specific in area because my mum is my main carer and doesn't have a car, neither have I, and so I'd either be really isolated if I moved out too far or I'd have the problem that if I fell (which I do) my mum would have a long trip to come out and get me!!! It's not a great situation but hey?!?! Similar to a lot of other people I should think!!!